Kanye West Identity Stolen During NYFW

Written by Kecia Gayle February 8, 2019
Photo Credit: TMZ

Kanye West Identity Stolen During NYFW

It’s NYFW, the hectic week where a bunch celebrities and industry people gather to support their favorite fashion designer. It’s also the time where fans scramble around to see if they can get access to some of these big events.

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One person was so eager to do so, they used Kanye West’s name to not only attend Philipp Plein’s show but to have him perform at it! According to TMZ, a guy who claims he was close to Ye secretly contacted Philipp Plein, who is staging a big New York Fashion Week event this coming Monday. The guy misrepresented himself to Plein as Kanye’s rep and began negotiations for Kanye to perform for $1M!

Apparently, Plein fell for it and made a deal where Kanye would supposedly get 7 figures and, in return, he would perform at the NYFW show. It was also said that the guy forged Kanye’s name on the contract then had a $900,000 advance wired to an account which the guy quickly cleaned out! Kanye’s not performing at the show, and Plein is now reportedly out of all that money.

To make matters worse, the guy who forged Kanye’s name is said to be a former friend and associate of G.O.O.D. Music. As of right now, Plein has not commented on this latest situation but we’re sure he’ll take some legal action.

Press Play Below To See Kanye’s 2017 NYFW Show :

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