Inventor Of The ‘Gender-Reveal Party’ Regrets Creating The Trend

Written by Alyssa Brook July 29, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook / Laura Penza

Inventor Of The ‘Gender-Reveal party’ Regrets Creating The Trend

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The mother responsible for making the gender-reveal party trend go viral has revealed that she doesn’t think it was the best idea.

Jenna Karvunidis, 39, detailed how in 2008, she made a cake with pink icing inside to reveal the gender of her baby girl to her friends and family. The trend would then be picked up around the world with people competing for the most extravagant way to reveal their unborn child’s gender.

“For me, it was a milestone,” she wrote on Facebook. “I had had several miscarriages. It was like, ‘Oh yay, I’m finally at a point in my pregnancy where I know if it’s a boy or a girl’ rather than ‘Let’s saddle this kid with a whole identity’. I don’t think anybody was thinking like that in 2008.”

She initially wrote about it in her blog and was then interview by the Bump, “Then I started noticing people having the same party,” she said.

Now after being a mother to three kids, she regrets sparking the trend and thinks people should re-evaluate the entire thing.

“It started to take a turn,” she added. “Then I started to realize that nonbinary people and trans people were feeling affected by this, and I started to feel bad that I had released something bad into the world.”

She reveals that her first-born daughter prefers to wear suits and shorts and that pressure should not be applied on parents for these themed parties.

One gender reveal got so out of hand that it burned down a forest.

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