Husband Runs Over Wife & Attacks Her With Machete

Written by Alyssa Brook October 4, 2019
Photo Credit: Pix11

Husband Runs Over Wife & Attacks Her With Machete

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A Bronx man has been accused of horrifically murdering his wife by running her over and attacking her with a machete while she was down.

Noelia Mateo was killed by her estranged husband. Police report that they responded to a 911 call about an assault in the Bronx around 7 a.m. on Thursday. A 58-year-old woman was run over by her husband in his car, before he got into her vehicle to do the same!

After she was hit multiple times by the vehicles, witnesses said the woman tried to crawl away, but the husband got out of the car and stabbed her with the machete.

Bronx resident Victor di Cristina who lives across the street said he witnessed the horrifying incident.

“He gets in there, starts it up, puts the car in reverse, bangs into the car in back of him,” he said to Pix11. “Then put it in forward, come forward and run over her again.”

Di Cristina said he tried to stop the man,

“He ended up with a machete and he’s banging away at her with a machete,” he added. “I ran over there. I was about 10 or 15 feet away from him and I was screaming at him to stop.”

Police found her unconscious at the scene, but, she was later pronounced dead.

No arrests have been made, and police are still looking for the husband.