Florida Cop Pushes Teen Off Of Roof After Partner Shouts, “Push Him Off”

Written by Alyssa Brook October 16, 2019
Photo Credit: Kissimmee Police department

Florida Cop Pushes Teen Off Of Roof After Partner Shouts, “Push Him Off”

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Shocking body cam footage shows a Florida police officer push an 18-year-old off a roof as his partner shouts, “Push him off!”

The unidentified teen was terrified and had been accused of taking his girlfriend’s car with out her permission. The cops surrounded him as he sat on a first-story roof in Kissimmee.

“Now you have no choice to jump down, right?” One officer could be heard saying.

Sgt. Anthony Amada, can be seen pointing a taser at the boy and yelling to officer Plenio Massiah, “Just push him off! Push him off!”

According to WFTV, the young teen seemed confused and reiterated that he was not resisting.

However, he was pushed off the roof and immediately tased as he hit the ground by Amada.

“Hey, I’m down! I’m not resisting!” he says. “I’m not resisting, bro.”

Lucky he was not injured, but Police Chief Jeff O’Dell admitted that the “decision to push the suspect off the roof could have resulted in significant injury.”

An internal investigation was launched and Amada resigned, while Massiah was suspended for 8 hours.

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