Flight Attendant Claims Passenger Forced Her To Wipe His Butt

Written by Alyssa Brook January 21, 2019
Photo Credit: Asia Wire

Flight Attendant Claims Passenger Forced Her To Wipe His Butt

Following a bizarre series of events, a flight attendant revealed that an overweight passenger on a Taiwanese airliner forced the staff on board to remove his pants and wipe his butt.

According to Focus Taiwan, the man told the flight attendants that he needed assistance to use the toilet two hours into the flight.

“I felt that as a flight attendant, removing a passenger’s underwear was beyond the scope of my responsibilities,” the flight attendant said.

“I told him we couldn’t help him, but he started yelling. He told me to go in there immediately and threatened to relieve himself on the floor,” she added.

“As the passenger’s genitals were now exposed, one of my colleagues brought a blanket, which I used to cover his modesty,” she continued. “But he very angrily slapped my hand away, saying he didn’t want it and only wanted me to remove his underwear so he could use the toilet.”

He also forced the women to keep the bathroom open because “he couldn’t breathe.” He was estimated to weigh around 440 lbs and refused to get up unless they wiped his butt for him.

“He said, ‘Oh, mmm, deeper, deeper,’ and then accused one of the attendants of not wiping  him properly and “requesting that she do it again,” she said.

The grotesque event left the attendants traumatized and the airline is asking that the man be sued. He has previously been in trouble for pooping himself on a previous flight.

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