Fire Captain Claims He Confused 8-Year-Old Sexual Abuse Victim For An Adult

Written by Alyssa Brook April 29, 2019
Photo Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Fire Captain Claims He Confused 8-Year-Old Sexual Abuse Victim For An Adult

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A fire captain from Arizona has been accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl while “extremely intoxicated.” He claims that he thought the girl was an adult.

According to the Arizona Republic, court documents show that Michael William Palmatier, 48, confided in his work friend at the Gilbert Fire Department about an incident that occurred at a friends birthday party.

The phone call was recorded and he admitted that he went into a bedroom and began kissing someone while intoxicated. He said he did not realize it was the child’s genitals.

“Michael admitted the entire thing was wrong but he would never knowingly do anything sexually to a juvenile,” the records state.

“He also commented, ‘Yeah I have a sick side to me, like a sexually sick side to me, but not in that way.’”

The fire captain of 20 years was arrested on Wednesday for charges of suspicion of sexual contact with a minor, kidnapping and indecent exposure,

The girls relative revealed that she said a “man had removed his pants and underwear and licked her.”

Witnesses from the event said Palmatier was very drunk and inebriated.

He is currently out and being monitored by an ankle monitor and has resigned from the department.

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