Female Football Player Becomes The First Woman To Receive Full College Football Scholarship 

Written by Taylor Chanel March 1, 2019
Photo Credit: Instagram

Toni Harris, the woman who appeared in a Toyota ad during the 2019 Super Bowl, is making history as the first woman attending college on a full football scholarship!

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Harris, a free safety, played football in high school and also at East Los Angeles Community College for two years. The 22-year-old shot to fame early last month when she starred in her very own Toyota commercial highlighting her journey during the Super Bowl. The ad was centered around how people tend to underestimate her as a player.

“I’ve never been a big fan of assumptions,” she says in the spot.

Well, Harris’ abilities shouldn’t receive any more doubts because she signed a letter of intent Tuesday to play football at Central Methodist University, a Division 1 school in Fayette, Missouri.

“For them to believe in me and give me the chance, it’s an honor,” an emotional Harris said after signing her letter of intent.

She received six other offers to play football comprised of a list of colleges like Adams State University, Graceland University and Bethany College. She makes history along with Becca Long, a kicker with Adams State University, who received a football scholarship last Spring.

Harris was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014 and lost half of her body weight. She went into remission a year later and shared her dreams to play in the NFL.

“I feel like I keep doing what I’m doing and keep having faith in God, I can keep paving the way for little girls everywhere,” Harris said in a story published in the Detroit Free Press earlier this month.

“I believe I’m going to be the first female NFL player. But if it just so happens that I’m not, I want to make sure there’s a way paved for the next little girl that can get there.”

Friends and fans of the player congratulated Harris’ milestone on Twitter.

“Toni Harris just became the first female skill position player to receive a college football scholarship,” the NFL account tweeted on Wednesday. “And she has dreams of playing in the NFL for the Seahawks.”



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