Fast-Spreading Fungus Could Cause Bananas To Go Into Extinction

Written by Alyssa Brook August 20, 2019
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fast-Spreading Fungus Could Cause Bananas To Go Into Extinction

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If you love bananas you might want to stock up, because a nasty fungus is about to eradicate our favorite yellow fruit!

A deadly fungus that is reported to have destroyed banana plantations in Southeast Asia for over 30 years has apparently made it over to Latin America, where most bananas grow.

The Colombian Agricultural Institute revealed that a strain of the Fusarium oxysporum fungus, called Tropical Race 4 (TR4) was found in banana plantations.

Farmers have been ordered to destroy crops and quarantine their plantations.

“What we’re having is an almost apocalyptic scenario where we’ll probably lose Cavendish [the most widely cultivated banana] as well,” Sarah Gurr, Exeter University’s chair in food security, said to Wired.

The rapid spread of the fungus could cause the end of bananas as we know it. Farmers are working on developing different strands and types of banana before the epidemic hits.

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