Fan Sues Madonna, Saying Her 10:30 P.M. Concert Start Is Too Late

Written by Kecia Gayle November 10, 2019
Photo Credit: Giphy

Fan Sues Madonna, Saying Her 10:30 P.M. Concert Start Is Too Late

A fan is extremely angry with pop star Madonna after she changed the start time of her upcoming Miami show from 8 pm to 10:30 pm. The guy is so upset that he actually filled a lawsuit for the big delay!

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Buzzfeed News reports that a man named Nate Hollander filed the class action suit in Miami-Dade court last week, claiming that he bought three tickets for a total of $1,024.95 to see her “Madame X” tour at the Miami Beach Fillmore on Dec. 17. However, months after he bought the tickets, he noticed that Live Nation changed the start time of the show, making it too late for Hollander to attend, his suit said.

The suit also points out that the “Material Girl” hasn’t been reliable when it comes to timing, frequently beginning her performances two hours after the scheduled start time. Hollander, who says he hasn’t been able to get a refund is now trying to round up other irritated fans to seek damages from the singer.

So how does Madonna feel about all of this? Well, at her Friday concert, the “Queen of Pop” hit back against the disgruntled fans suing her. She said to the crowd,

“Here’s something you all need to understand,” the 61-year-old told the crowd. “And that is, that the queen is never late.”

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