Employee Sues Boss For Passing Gas Around His Office

Written by Deja Monet March 25, 2019

An Australian man is seeking $1.8 million dollars from his former employer due to his boss passing gas around his office as a form of bullying.

According to Daily Mail, David Hingst,56, filed a suit against his former employer Construction Engineering last year after experiencing workplace bullying from his boss. Although the case was dismissed by a Supreme Court judge due to the case’s lack of evidence, Hingst took his case to the Court of Appeal on Monday. He states that his former boss, Greg Short’s continuous farting in the workplace is a form of bullying.

‘I would be sitting with my face to the wall and he would come into the room, which was small and had no windows,’ He would do this five or six times a day.’

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Justice Phillip Priest said during the appeal hearing that Hingst would often call Short ‘Mr.Stinky’. and sprayed deodorant on his former boss.  Hingst explained that the constant farting has caused him ‘severe stress’, believing that his former boss’ bullying was intentional.

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A decision will be made on Friday after the trial judge seemed to believe in Hingst’s determination to win the appeal.

Check out the video below to learn more about the science behind passing gas.