Drunk Man Climbs Fence And Rides Giraffe At Kazakhstan Zoo

Written by Deja Monet August 3, 2019
Photo Credit: Instagram

A drunk man from Kazakhstan decided to jump a fence at a local zoo and climb on the back of a giraffe.

Metro UK reports the unidentified man was captured on cellphone footage climbing the fence at the Shymkent Zoo and hopped on the back of the tall animal. For a few moments, the giraffe let the stranger stay on its back but kicked its back feet to get him off.

Afterward, the giraffe walks away for a few seconds and returns, leading the man to climb up the fence.

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Police reported that they are trying to identify the man he can be arrested and face charges for the stunt. The video has gained over 11,000 views on Instagram and has left people stunned over the man’s actions. 

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Shymkent Zoo is known for being one of the most popular zoos among tourists in Kazakhstan.

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