Donald Trump Posts Fake Photo of Himself Placing a Medal on Military ‘Hero’ Dog

Written by Kecia Gayle October 31, 2019
Photo Credit: Twitter

Donald Trump Posts Fake Photo of Himself Placing a Medal on Military ‘Hero’ Dog

Donald Trump became social media’s latest victim on Wednesday after posting a fake photo of himself placing a paw-printed medal of honor around the neck of the military “hero” dog. As it was previously reported, the dog was injured in the raid that led to the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi last weekend.

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Along with the edited photo, Trump called the US K9 squad commando Conan, an “AMERICAN HERO!” in his tweet. While it seemed like a sweet gesture, people just couldn’t get past the photoshopped pic! Twitter users immediately roasted Trump for sharing the fake photo as it has been perceived as disrespectful towards a war hero.

The real image was actually taken at a 2017 East Room ceremony to honor retired Army medic James McCloughan with the medal of honor for saving the lives of 10 men during the war in Vietnam, Complex notes. The White House declined to comment on the US President’s tweet.

However, Trump later posted another tweet thanking The Daily Wire for recreating the “cute” photo. He added that the hero dog Conan is set today leave for the US next week.

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