Donald Trump Claims Twitter Is Forcing People To Unfollow Him

Written by Kecia Gayle March 23, 2019
Photo Credit: Reuters

Donald Trump Claims Twitter Is Forcing People To Unfollow Him

Uh oh, Donald Trump is not happy with his favorite platform. The president believes that Twitter is working to lower the number of people who see his daily tweets of topics that range from the U.S. economy to Iranian saber-rattling.

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During a press confrence Friday, Trump said that he sees “collusion” among social media platforms to limit conservatives’ public’s exposure.

“It’s not right the way they do it. I know exactly what they’re doing. They take people off my account. They make it very hard for people to join,” he told the Fox Business Network. He added, “ I don’t like the concept of it. I really would like everybody to be free, but they don’t treat us the same way as they treat liberal Democrats and others,” The Daily Mail quotes.

He made similar comments on Tuesday, claiming Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms are discriminating against conservatives and other Republicans.

“We use the word “collusion” very loosely all the time,” Trump said during a joint press conference with Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro, “and I will tell you there is collusion with respect to that because something has to be going on.”

Trump’s White House social media manager also recently blamed Facebook for preventing him from interacting with people on his personal page.

“Things are happening, names are taken off, people aren’t getting through. You’ve heard the same complaints,” he added, referring to what conservatives have called “shadow-banning.” Before concluding Trump added, “We have to do something.”

Facebook nor Twitter have not responded to Trump’s claims. Socialites, do you agree with the president? Sound off in the comment box below!

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