Dog Found In Ditch Bound With Duct Tape After Being Thrown From Car Window

Written by Taylor Chanel February 17, 2019
Photo Credit: Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

A dog is now recovering after it was found freezing in a ditch with its mouth and legs bound!

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The dachshund, who officers were calling Jimmy, has been reunited with its owner after vanishing last week when she let him outside. The dog did not return and was found later by a patrol officer after being thrown in a ditch with “extreme” cold temperatures for 12 hours.

Missouri’s Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted a disturbing picture of the poor pooch on Valentine’s Day stating he had been “dumped in a ditch”. A press release said that the dog was “cold, starving, and may have had a concussion”. Officers believe the dog was thrown out of a car window and left in a ditch. They posted an endearing video to Facebook showing the dog at Ivan Animal Hospital where he seemed playful.

As far as who could do such a thing, police announced the arrest of a suspect in the case who happens to be 39-year-old Paul Garcia. He was charged with animal abuse and armed criminal action. Garcia’s fingerprints were found on the electrical tape wrapped around the dog that led to his arrest, per the St. Louis-Post Dispatch. The dog was reunited with its owner, Katie Kofron, who said her pet’s name was actually Flick after the dog was widely known on social media as Jimmy.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted a Facebook video on Friday showing a clip of the two being reunited. Some users sparked concern saying the dog looked unhappy and uncomfortable to see her but the animal hospital and sheriff’s office defended Kofron.

“Flick went to his owner immediately and then made his way around the room to greet the dozen or so other people who were there,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

The post also said,

“There were lots of cameras pointing and people looking at the pair. That kind of attention is enough to make any person, or animal, a little nervous and uncomfortable.”

The animal hospital noted how the dog “walked right up to” his owner with a wagging tail once she sat down. Adding that Flick is a “very laid back,” “older” and “not a spry little pup.”

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