Dog Dies After Being Stored In Air France Cargo Hold

Written by Alyssa Brook March 20, 2019
Photo Credit: Pixabay

Dog Dies After Being Stored in Air France Cargo Hold

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The aviation industry is facing more backlash after a dog died in the cargo hold of an Air France plane that was traveling to LAX from Amsterdam on an 11-hour flight.

A representative for the PETA said,

“Tragedies like this one are exactly why airlines must require that animals travel in the main cabin only. PETA urges Air France-KLM to join airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest in prohibiting companion animals from being flown in the cargo hold, where they endure noise, extreme temperatures and sometimes inadequate pressurization, before yet another sensitive animal suffers and dies, terrified and alone.”

TMZ reports that an Air France employee states that the dog was incorrectly loaded in the cargo hold and lost oxygen during the flight. The owner went to pick up her pet and was heartbroken to find out the news.

This is not the first incident, there have been numerous occasions where a dog has been incorrectly loaded on a plane and it ultimately resulted in the animal’s death.

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