Couple Who Bought $450 Phone Scammed With Two Bars Of Soap

Written by Alyssa Brook September 6, 2019
Photo Credit: Fox 2

Couple Who Bought $450 Phone Scammed With Two Bars Of Soap

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A couple from Michigan received quite the surprise after unboxing a $450 iPhone that they had purchased. It seems they had fallen victim to a scam and instead received an iPhone box with two bars of soap inside.

“When I first saw it, it was shiny, wrapped in plastic like they had taken their time,” Thomas Greenarch told WJBK. “As soon as I went to open it they took off. I was more angry with myself that I let it happen.”

Greenarch revealed that he and his wife had been saving for over six months so that they could purchase the phone for their 14-year-old daughter. The transaction was initially started on the app Let Go where they made contact with an 18-year-old merchant whom they met up with.

“I guess in retrospect you can see things, but at the time it seemed legitimate,” Greenarch added.

They add that when they met up with the seller they didn’t have a chance to open the wrapper and see the soap as she ran off back into a locked apartment building.

Allen Park Police later found the scammer by her phone number, but she was only given a fine as it’s considered a misdemeanor because it was under $500.  The couple are unlikely to get their money back

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