Colin Kaepernick Looks To Sign With Panthers Or Patriots Soon, Says Lawyer

Written by Ariela Anís February 17, 2019
Photo Credit: Photo Source: AP Images

Subsequent to his 2016 on-field protests, Colin Kaepernick parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers and has since been ousted by the franchise. But, this may soon change, as his lawyer tells CNN he’ll soon sign a new NFL contract.

While he recently reached a financial settlement with the franchise over his collusion lawsuit, Kaepernick’s lawyer predicts his client will soon sign either with the recent Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots, or the North Carolina Panthers.

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So, his attorney, Mark Geragos says, “I think you’re going to see within the next two weeks that somebody’s going to step up. Somebody’s going to do the right thing. Want me to predict who? The Panthers. It would not surprise me if Bob Kraft makes a move. And it would not surprise me if his former coach [David Tepper] makes a move.”

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