Chicago Police Release Video Of Jussie Smollett With A Noose Around His Neck Moments After Attack

Written by Deja Monet June 24, 2019
Photo Credit: Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department has released over 70 hours of video footage in relation to Jussie Smollet’s assault case. One of the video clips shows Jussie with a noose around his neck moments after the alleged “fake” attack.

According to Page Six, the bodycam footage shows several Chicago police officers speaking with Smollet inside of his apartment after he reported the hate crime on January 29. Two men allegedly targeted the actor in a racially-motivated assault and tied a noose around his neck.

The clip shows Smollett wearing the noose around his neck while being interviewed by police. They ask him if he wants to take it off and Smollett tells them “Yeah I do. I just wanted you all to see it.” His face is blurred in the video due to investigators protecting his identity at the time of the attack.

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Despite the video evidence, Smollett was charged with making a false police report after police discovered that he paid two men to attack him. However, the charges were later dropped by prosecutor Kim Foxx.

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Press play to check out the bodycam footage below and let us know your thoughts.