Brittany Murphy’s Brother Reveals That He Thinks The Actress Was ‘Killed’

Written by Deja Monet December 21, 2019
Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder / Getty images

On the 10th anniversary of actress Brittany Murphy’s death, her half-brother Tony Bertolotti believes her husband was unintentionally responsible for her untimely passing.

According to Page Six, Bertolotti said during an interview with the Daily Mail believed Murphy’s husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, made shady business deals and allegedly couldn’t pay off his debt.

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“I don’t know what business decisions they were making at that time, but it [their deaths] sounds business-related to me. I’ve heard all sorts of crap, so what is true? I don’t believe the drugs line that much, I don’t buy it. I’m sure there was experimentation. But Brittany was conservative with that stuff, she was a bright girl.”

Murphy’s cause of death was ruled as an overdose and pneumonia. Five months later, Monjack died under similar circumstances.

Their father, Angelo Bertolotti, also believed Monjack contributed to Murphy’s death and suspected foul play.

“My father was up to it like a hound dog, but then [he] got sick and had a stroke. Till his dying day, he was obsessed with finding out what happened. He went up to a bunch of these people, but no one would talk to him. We couldn’t find out anything. What’s it all tell you? The thing is locked down.”

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