Boyfriend Assaults Girlfriend Because She Changed Her Facebook Photo

Written by Deja Monet January 12, 2019
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

A Liverpool woman was assaulted by her boyfriend after she changed her Facebook photo.

The Daily Mail reports Lois Ashton,29, was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend Andrew McNair after she hung out with a group of friends. McNair kicked Ashton in the face so hard that her three of her teeth fell out of her mouth and another was pushed through her gums. Ashton said McNair attacked her after he noticed that she changed her Facebook photo from a photo of them to a photo of herself.

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She said the relationship was amazing at first but then he began to abuse her months after they were together:

‘I remember the first time he slapped me across the face. Another time he kicked me in the head and gave me a black eye.I should have left him for good at that point, but he was on the phone every day and saying how sorry he was and crying, so I would end up going’

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Ashton added that McNair followed her and her friends to a local bar and waited until the women ended their girls night.

‘He then booted me three times in the face and knocked my teeth out. One of my teeth actually went up into my nasal cavity and if I put my finger up my nose I could feel my tooth.’

McNair was sentenced in November 2017 but was released 11 months ago.

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Source: The Daily Mail