Azealia Banks Sued For $137,000 Credit Card Debt

Written by Alyssa Brook April 26, 2019
Photo Credit: INSTAGRAM

Azealia Banks Sued For $137,000 Credit Card Debt

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Azealia Banks has been stying out of the way recently, but, the raptress has found herself in some trouble.

According to The Blast, Banks has been hit with a lawsuit for failing to pay a $137,000 credit card bill.

The document states that when Banks was served when came outside of her New York apartment to collect delivery. Azealia refused to take the papers at first and claimed she was not called Banks despite admitting that was her name earlier on.

The lawsuit against Azealia was filed by City National Bank in 2017. They claim she took out two credit lines with them, but, stopped paying her fees in 2016. In addition, she is reported to have another personal credit line with the company for $50,000.

They are suing her for the remaining balance of $137,000 plus interest on top.

City National has trying to locate Azealia for months, the judge even approved their request for additional time to seek the rapper.

Azealia has not yet responded.

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