Artist Fired For Posting Trump Cartoon About Migrant Deaths On Twitter

Written by Kecia Gayle July 1, 2019

Artist Fired For Posting Trump Cartoon About Migrant Deaths On Twitter

A Canadian artist is now out of a job after being axed from a publishing company in New Brunswick for posting a cartoon on Twitter of President Donald Trump standing over the bodies of two drowned migrants.

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In the illustration you can see Trump holding a golf club and asking “Do you mind if I play through?” The cartoon obviously references the haunting photo of Óscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez, 25, and his 23-month-old daughter, Angie Valeria, taken after they drowned in the Rio Grande river while trying to get to US soil. The cartoon was shared on June 26, 2019. But just days later, artist Michael de Adder later tweeted that he had lost his job.

“The highs and lows of cartooning,” he wrote. “Today I was just let go from all newspapers in New Brunswick.” The news company also released a statement explains why they let him go.

“This is a false narrative which has emerged carelessly and recklessly on social media,” the company said. “In fact, BNI was not even offered this cartoon by Mr. de Adder. The decision to bring back reader favorite Greg Perry was made long before this cartoon, and negotiations had been ongoing for weeks.”

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