Airline Passenger Opens Plane’s Emergency Door To “Have A Breath Of Fresh Air”

Written by Deja Monet September 28, 2019
Photo Credit: Daily Express

A Xiamen Airlines passenger delayed her flight by an hour after she opened the plane’s emergency exit door to get “a breath of fresh air” earlier this week.

According to the Daily Express, the unidentified woman said she was feeling hot during the boarding process for flight MF 8213 from Wuhan Tianhe International Airport to Lanzhou in China. Despite the warnings from flight attendants not to touch the handle on the emergency exit near her seat, the woman decided to open the door. Her actions were recorded via cellphone by another passenger and the video went viral on Chinese social media platforms.

The woman told airline officials that she felt stuffy inside the cabin and wanted a “breath of fresh air.” She was arrested at the airport for disobeying the airline’s safety regulations.

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As for the viral video, it has been viewed over 18 million times showing the woman’s rebellious behavior among confused passengers. Before the flight’s takeoff, the flight attendants had to give a second round of safety instructions.

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The female passenger will most likely be charged with disturbing public order and will be fined for opening the emergency exit door.

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