Adidas UK Under Fire For Tweets Containing Racial Slurs

Written by Alexyz Liggins July 2, 2019
Photo Credit: Twitter

Adidas UK has found themselves in a sticky situation after a good deed on Twitter turned into racial slurs.

Adidas UK has come under fire while trying to promote their new jerseys for their Arsenal kit launch.

While sharing the release on Twitter, Adidas created the hashtag campaign #DareToCreate which would allow fans of soccer clubs to create their own custom jerseys. The process encouraged fans to use the hashtag in their tweets and their Twitter handles would appear on the back of a jersey to actually be ordered.

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The only problem, offensive handles referencing the Holocaust, Hitler, Madeline McCann, the Hillsborough disaster, and various racial slurs were auto-tweeted on Adidas account.

Adidas UK has issued an official statement regarding the situation saying

“As part of our partnership launch with Arsenal we have been made aware of the abuse of a Twitter personalization mechanic created to allow excited fans to get their name on the back of the new jersey. Due to a small minority creating offensive versions of this we have immediately turned off the functionality and the Twitter team will be investigating.”

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Arsenal has also issued a statement of its own.

“We totally condemn the use of language of this nature, which has no place in our game or society. We work hard as a club to encourage diversity and inclusion through our Arsenal for Everyone program, launched in 2008 as a celebration of the diversity of the Arsenal family. Through a number of initiatives undertaken in the community, inside Emirates Stadium and throughout the club, Arsenal strives to ensure that everyone associated with the club feels an equal sense of belonging.”