8-Year-Old Girl Successfully Climbs Replica Of Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Written by Kecia Gayle October 13, 2019
Photo Credit: Facebook / TIMES/ Karla Hancock

8-Year-Old Girl Successfully Climbs Replica Of Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Welp looks like Donald Trump has been proven wrong once again.

As we previously reported, the president has been working on his  “impenetrable” border wall between the US and Mexico. Back in September, POTUS traveled to Otay Mesa, California, to show off a section of the U.S.-Mexico border wall and bragged about the ways no one could get through or over the newly constructed wall replacement, not even “professional climbers.”

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While he seemed extremely confident about that, it looks like a bunch of people proved him wrong: the youngest is said to be an 8-year-old. Retired engineer Rick Weber, who co-founded the Muir Valley rock climbing park in Rogers, Kentucky, took Trump’s comments m as a challenge: “You don’t tell a bonafide rock climber something’s impossible to climb,” he told TIME. He built a wooden replica of Trump’s Otay Mesa-area border wall and invited climbers to attempt to scale it during this weekend’s “Rocktoberfest” rock climbing festival at Red River Gorge.

According to TIME, a number of people have has already climbed the replica, including an 8-year-old named Lucy Hanock

President Trump has said that 20 mountain climbers claimed the border wall design is difficult to climb, but Weber and other climbers have said that seems unlikely.

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