73-Year-Old Woman Who Gave Birth To Twins Currently In Intensive Care With Husband

Written by Deja Monet September 14, 2019
Photo Credit: Metro UK

The elderly woman who gave birth to twin girls via IVF last week in India is currently in intensive care with her husband.

Telegraph UK reports Erramatti Mangayamma,74, and her husband Raja Rao,78, were celebrating the births of their twin daughters last week when Rao suffered from a heart attack and collapsed. The couple was transported to an intensive care unit in the state of Andhra Pradesh since Managayamma experienced complications after giving birth via cesarean section and their daughters are being cared for by relatives.

Mangayamma’s case has sparked controversy due to her age and her doctor, Sanakkayala Umashankar, denied rumors that he was trying to break records. He also claimed that the woman lied about her age.

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Mangayamma’s niece said in a statement to the Times UK that the girls are doing well and gained a half pound since their birth.

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