18-Month-Old Cedric Jackson’s Body Found In Landfill, Aunt’s Boyfriend Arrested

Written by Kecia Gayle July 13, 2019
Photo Credit: Dallas PD

18-Month-Old Cedric Jackson’s Body Found In Landfill, Aunt’s Boyfriend Arrested

A Dallas family had been praying and pleading for the return of their 18-month-old loved one but received the unfortunate news that he has been found dead.

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According to CBS, the baby, identified as Cedric “C.J.” Jackson was discovered lifeless Thursday morning in a landfill in Rowlett. Police said Sedrick Deshun Johnson — the boyfriend of 18-month-old “C.J.” aunt, confessed to putting his body in a dumpster in Northeast Dallas.

During questioning, Johnson, 27, explained that the baby had “made a mess” with ketchup packets and that he then tightly swaddled him to restrict his movement and placed him on the floor. Johnson later unwrapped the little boy and he began to throw up and eventually became unresponsive. He said he tried CPR in the bedroom for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. When he realized that he would not come back to life, he drove Cedric to another location where he disposed of him in the dumpster. Detectives went to find C.J. in the dumpster but it was emptied twice since then, and later found him in a landfill.

Johnson who has a criminal history of abandoning and endangering a child with intent to return, prostitution, disorderly conduct and resisting arrests, is accused of serious bodily injury to C.J. by compressing his airway and failed to seek medical assistance.

CBS notes that Child Protective Services (CPS) recently gave his aunt temporary custody of Cedric for reasons that remain unclear. Johnson, now faces a felony injury to a child charge.

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