Amazon Driver Fired After Stealing Family’s Dog And Trying To Sell It Online

Written by Deja Monet July 29, 2019

A Texas woman was fired from her job at Amazon after she stole a family’s dog and tried to sell him online for cash.

According to the New York Post, Mycah Keyona Wade,22, confessed to the crime to authorities on July 16 after the dog’s owners reported that their two-year-old dachshund, RJ, was stolen during Fourth of July weekend. Parker County deputies reported that Wade and her boyfriend were delivering packages for Amazon on July 5 when they spotted the dog playing on Amanda and Anthony Phillips’ front yard. She jumped out of the van and grabbed the pooch.

Investigators discovered RJ’s possible whereabouts after finding Wade’s Craiglist ad to sell the dog for $100.

“There was no contact information, but we’re pretty sure it was RJ that was for sale on Craigslist for $100,”

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The price for RJ immediately dropped after Property Crimes investigator Ethan Stark contacted Wade.

“Within a couple hours of the ad going up, the price dropped to $70. And then they took the post down.”

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Phillips along with other deputies got into contact with Amazon and they were able to identify Wade and her boyfriend as possible suspects. RJ was returned to his owners on July 9. The family says they are looking into various security methods to protect their dogs.

I just hope they’ll learn from it and take a closer look at who they have delivering their packages and representing their company,”

“We’re now looking into getting a security system and I’m definitely going to get a fence around my property, as well as getting my dogs chipped.”

Wade and her boyfriend were not charged for the theft.

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