17-Year-Old Boy’s Lungs Completely Blocked from Vaping

Written by Kecia Gayle August 23, 2019
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17-Year-Old Boy’s Lungs Completely Blocked from Vaping

A family of a teen is now sending out a message to other families about the dangers of vaping after it almost ended their child’s life.

On July 26, Texas teen Tryston Zohfeld was fighting to stay alive when his seemingly healthy and athletic lungs suddenly collapsed. His family rushed him to the Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where doctors admitted him to the ICU and put him in a medically induced coma as his condition rapidly deteriorated.

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From there, he was hooked up to an oscillatory ventilator, which kept him alive for 10 days, PEOPLE reports. Doctors ran multiple tests for a number of diseases, even pneumonia, but everything came back negative. It wasn’t until another family member revealed that Tryston had been regularly vaping since he was in 8th grade, which his parents reportedly didn’t know about, that doctors came to the right diagnosis.

Dr. Karen Schultz, a specialist in pediatrics and pulmonology said she believes the chemicals Tryston was inhaling from the vape pen caused his lungs to inflame to a point where they couldn’t exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide anymore. She added that the damage was so bad that it scared his lungs, according to CBS.

Tryston was released from the hospital after being there for 18 days. While speaking with WFAA he said that he and all of his friends have thrown out their vape pens and e-cigarettes.

“I was definitely given a second chance, and as soon as I woke up from that coma I knew what I wanted to do,”  he explained. “This is really what could happen and it’s not something to look over. They’re not as safe as you think.”

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